canopy beds.

11 Nov

so after 7 months of marriage, jason and i still do not have a bed frame.  but it’s not for lack of trying.  we’ve looked, we’ve shopped, we’ve browsed.  i’ve found ones that i love and ones that i hate.  what’s holding me back?  well, i just keep thinking about what a PAIN it will be when we move out of our little 2nd story condo to have a lug around a queen size bed frame.  that’s right, i am LAZY and do not want to move it up and down the stairs.  some would even say that i’m being practical!

it’s not so bad not having a bedframe though.  we have a boxspring, so it’s not like we’re sleeping on the floor.  and, it gives me the excuse to continue looking at furniture.  it was on one such furniture shopping expedition that we discovered that i have this unexplainable fascination with canopy beds.

jason says it’s the southern in me, and i might have to agree.  but you have to admit, there’s something about a canopy bed that just whispers elegance and romance.  i would LOVE to have one if i had the chance.  unfortunately, a canopy bed in our tiny condo would probably not be the most space conscientous choice.  so we’ll keep looking and maybe next year, when we buy a bigger place, we can get one.  maybe.


One Response to “canopy beds.”

  1. Stella December 19, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    I ❤ canopy beds. A lot. And I’m not Southern. I think it’s because you’re just an elegant, romantic person 😉 Hahahaha~

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