the list.

1 May

a good friend of mine just turned 27 this past sunday, and mrjamar will be 27 in a week!  i had a panicky moment when i realized that i only have 4 years (and a few months) before i turn the big 3-0.

i always thought that by the time i’m thirty i would have “it” all figured out.  i would have an impeccably styled house, a beautiful baby, a job that i absolutely love.  i would be well traveled, a brilliant conversationalist, and own a closet full of anthropologie clothing. AND (dare to dream) i would have finally paid off my student loans.

time to be realistic of course. what do i really hope to accomplish before i turn 30?

without further ado, my list!

1.  travel to three different countries (and let’s say that mexico and canada do NOT count).

2.  be paying the mortgage on mr&mrsjamar’s house. with a garage. and a beautiful shiny kitchen. (obviously i don’t need bedrooms or bathroom or anything, just a kitchen!)

3.  be the world’s best mommy to at least ONE baby(ja)mar. if it’s a girl, her name will be catelyn. if it’s a boy, he will not have a name…. because i’m horrible with boy names. (we’re leaning towards ethan or micah.)

4.  finish writing my book. yes, my dear readers, mrsjamar is currently writing a novel in her free time (haha, like i have free time!) and i would LOVE to finish it! it’s only 3 chapters (or so) long right now… so i have a long way to go….

5.  stay in a hotel room with a REALLY nice bathtub. i mean REALLY nice. like so nice that i can take a long long soak and relax and get all pruney.

6.  learn to speak another language.  you see, i’ve always really wanted to learn to speak greek!  japanese would probably be better for work purposes, but we shall see.  maybe i’ll be ambitious and learn both!!

7.  i really love the idea about a closet full of anthropologie clothes… but i’ll settle for just having a brilliant and tasteful wardrobe.  i’d love to wake up every day and never think “i have nothing to wear”!

and there’s my list!  do you think i’ll be able to accomplish everything?


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