the exciting lives of the jamars.

27 Aug

i haven’t posted in a loooong while, like MONTHS.  so i’m waaaay overdue for an update.  let me tantalize you with a few tidbits: stolen laptop, new office, new career, baby on the way, birthday, and maui.  are you excited yet??

first things first.  at the beginning of august i went to joe & karen’s wedding in norcal.  i slept in a sleep number bed and i LOVED it.  we went into sf for super cheap dimsum on sunday and drove back to sd.  then i got to work on Monday and someone had stolen my work laptop.  yes, my crappy old work laptop.  oh well.  now my “new” (new to me, but actually a couple years old) laptop is pink.  the top housing is pink.  my lcd bezel is pink.  my palmrest is pink.  my touchpad is pink.  luckily, my keyboard is silver.

on to the next topic.  i’m working in a new office!  meaning, i have a new cubicle.  meaning, my department was moved from building 5 to the new sony headquarters building 1.  across the street.  i still can’t see the window, but my chair is now ergonomic!  and my cubicle is bigger, like two people could fit in here comfortably! 🙂

like me and jason!  jason comes to have lunch with me because… he got laid off from his job at philips. 😦  see now when i complain about having no money, i really have NO money.  but it’s a good thing.   because now he can focus on doing something that he really enjoys, like a reset on the career clock.  he’s thinking about doing the san diego unified school district teaching internship program, where they are paid to teach for two years and take classes at the same time.  so we’ll probably be moving more south into san diego in the near future.

AND there’s a blueberry darling on the way!  stella and jared are having a baby.  so i have someone’s darling little baby to squish and love and play with.  she was the first of my friends to get married and it’s fitting that she’ll be one of the first to have a baby!  yay for stella and jared!  i’m super excited for them.  🙂

it was my birthday this past sunday.  i turned 26.  earlier that week i thought i was turning 27.  i was convinced.  then i woke up in the middle night and i realized that since i was currently only 25, i was only turning 26.  yes, i was being crazy.  and yes, i sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to strange revelations.

in the most exciting news of this broadcast, we’re going to maui over labor day weekend.  it’s going to be a family vacay with my parents and my brother and jessica! 🙂  i can’t wait!


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