merry christmas, already??

21 Dec

i am sad to report that i don’t feel christmasy at all yet… probably due to the lack of a christmas tree this year.  and presents.  and all the other things you forgo when your husband is unemployed and you’re trying to save money for a pretty little house.  🙂


i doubt i’ll ever open a restaurant or anything, but i loooove to cook.  it’s one of my joys in life.  ever since jason and i have been trying to reduce our eating out expenses, i’ve been slowly expanding my repertoire to include more “fancy/gourmet” meals… things that i used to shell out the green for instead of make in my little kitchen.   don’t get me wrong, i am in NO WAY comparing my homemade standing rib roast with lawry’s prime rib, but it fulfills the craving and it’s yummy. 🙂

i’m mentioning this because i cooked a lot over the weekend (since i actually had the time… also cooking makes our little condo warm).  i made chicken madeira on saturday night and seared scallop risotto on sunday night.

i’ve made risotto a handful of times before but always using the “quick cook” method, where you basically boil arborio rice in chicken stock and wine until it’s al dente, then mix in the veggies/pancetta/cheese, etc.  rachel ray would approve.  it turns out a bit soupy but whatever, slap some yummy mahi mahi on it and call it a night.  it’s just a side, right?


yesterday, i decided to cook risotto using the traditional scoop and stir method.  apparently i’ve been going at this risotto thing all wrong until now.  it IS soooo worth it to cook risotto the “correct” way.  nevermind that you have to stand at the stove and stir the entire time, or that it takes maybe 20 minutes longer to make.  it tastes 1000000x better!

i have so much to learn.


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