my brother turns 22.

2 Jan

i’m so old.  my brother is already 22 years old.  wtf.

i baked him a lemon cake, a throwback to when we were kids and my mom would bake us lemon cakes for our birthdays.  then she would pull out the box of random birthday candles, all slightly used (because yes, we were THAT poor, we needed to recycle birthday candles) and we would proceed to decide on some arbitrary number of candles to stick in the cake.

“oh you’re turning 7?  ok we’ll put in 3 candles.  a red one for 5 years and two yellow ones for 1 each.”  years later we’ll look at pictures and try to figure out exactly how old we’re turning, and whose birthday it is, because my parents never set the time stamp on their 35mm film camera.

oh, the good old days. 🙂


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