6 Jan

This is Jason posting.

So I am trying to get myself into a teacher credential program for Fall 2010.  I’ve started the application process for CSU San Marcos. Boy is that some application process! Let me tell you!  First application is to CSU San Marcos so you can take graduate courses.  Second application is to the College of Education to see if they accept you.  THIRD is the application for the specific program that you want to apply for.  This is some process here! I have to fill out 3 applications for this program!  Wow, talk about simplifying.  At least for the San Diego Unified School district internship I only had to fill out 2 applications…

On a random note, I finally have a copy of The Gathering Storm (Library FTW)!  This is book twelve in the Wheel of time series! I’m so excited!!! I am terribly sad that Robert Jordan died before he could finish writing the book.  I am glad they found someone else (Brandon Sanderson) to finish this epic series.  I can’t wait to read the book!  Only two more books until the series FINALLY ends!

Edit!:  CSUSM actually took out the pre-requisite application!!! Now you only need to fill out 2 applications for the credential program!  Way to go simplificaton due to budget cuts? Hm.


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