365 day challenge.

7 Jan

so for those of you who actually read this blog, you may have noticed that jason and i have been posting a little something every day since the new year began.  we (i) decided to take on a 365 day challenge to blog every day in 2010.  jason is my helper (as usual, that’s why i love him) and will post his random tidbits on the days where i am unable/unwilling to do so myself.  back when i had a livejournal, i used to write entries almost everyday, sometimes more than once a day.  after college, that habit fell away to other less important things, like working and watching tv… and i really regret it.  even if i don’t have interesting things to write about, i’m still going to blog this year, just to prove to myself that i can do it!

so!  in store for you in 2010 are some really really really random entries (unless exciting things happen to me, which they WON’T, i guarantee it!).  i’ll post some recipes, pictures of lando, pictures of food, tell you about my favorite author(s), things i want to buy, chinese dramas that we’re watching, vacations i’m planning, etc.  anything i can think of.

for example, today i bought the cutest steve madden boots online from endless.com.  i hope they’re comfy and fit right, but the thing i love about endless.com is that return shipping is free, so if i don’t like ’em, i can return ’em!  they were on sale for $55.  i found them on amazon for $45 but the return shipping ISN’T free.  so fail.


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