homemade tart frozen yogurt!

9 Jan

another recipe today!

love tart frozen yogurt?  i totally do.  i can’t tell you how much money jason and i have spent at pinkberry/yogurtland/yogurt world/etc in the past few years.  i have since learned how ridiculously easy it is to make it at home, as long as you have a trusty ice cream machine (which i do!).  obviously i can’t compete with pinkberry or red mango, but you can’t beat how cheap and easy it is.

32oz container of plain yogurt (i ❤ browncowfarm yogurt because of how creamy it is)
3/4 cup of sugar
1 tsp of flavoring (vanilla extract, almond extract, strawberry extract, etc) – optional if you like it plain 🙂

whisk all the ingredients together, making sure that everything is well blended and the sugar is all dissolved.  you can add a few drops of food coloring if you’d like. 🙂  a note about the sugar… i’ve seen some recipes that call for 1 cup of sugar, but i think 3/4 cup makes this plenty sweet.  basically you need to add sugar so that the ice crystals can form in a certain way.  sugar helps lower the freezing point of the fro-yo, so that it won’t freeze as a solid mass and will be scoop-able later on.

dump the mixture into your ice cream machine and churn for at least 30 minutes, to get it nice and soft and fluffy, so that you get that unique ice creamy texture.  you’ll need to freeze it for at least an hour or so after this point before it’s ready to eat (unless you like cold yogurt soup!).

garnish with whatever you would like!  i like my fro-yo with fruit but lately i’ve been just topping it with a bit of strawberry jam.  yum!

you can also try sticking the small containers of yogurt into the freezer.  that comes out pretty yummy too. 🙂


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