Super Mario Bros. Wii!

10 Jan

This is Jason.

We finally got the new Super Mario Bros. for the Wii.  It is pretty fun with the two of us!  The side scrolling brings back fond memories of Super Mario Bros. 3.  The yoshi reminded me of Super Mario World and the crazy Rainbow road!  Good times!

The first world contained stages that weren’t hard.  They were pretty easy to beat with Shirley’s help.  We found all the Star Coins in each level and even unlocked a secret road to world 5.  We both got used to the new propeller hat and some of the game mechanisms.  Then we hit world 2.  WOW!  The skill level went up 2-3 levels!  It took lots of effort to find all 3 Star coins in each level.  We died multiple times!  At the first castle Shirley basically stayed in her bubble while I tried to beat the stage.  Currently we are just past the first castle in World 2.  I’m glad that game won’t be totally easy to beat stage by stage.  This will definitely be a challenge to beat the game one stage at a time.


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