Chocolate Chip Cookies

11 Jan

This is Jason posting.

My lovely wifey has made some chocolate chip cookies!  They are some yummies!!! This reminds me of the time I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  I was a 2nd year in college and we lived on-campus in an apartment at Black in Warren.  I followed the instructions on the back of the bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips that I bought at the grocery store.  I combine and mix the ingredients.  I preheated the oven.  The dough was kinda runny but I did follow the instructions.  Oh well!  Dumb spoon sizes of dough onto the pan!  Into the oven!  Ding!  The air smelled yummy like chocolate chip cookies!  I pulled out the pan and what the heck!  The dough had spread throughout the entire pan!  One of my roommates, Brian, took a look and laughed.  I was quite bewildered.  Boaz said it looked like peanut brittle.  We broke apart the chocolate chip thing and ate it.  Hey, it was quite good…for whatever it was.  I took a look over the instructions on the bag.  I thought about what I did.  Then I realized it! I switched the measurements for the sugar and the flour!!! No wonder the dough was runny before!!! Oh man! Luckily I still had half the batch.  I quickly dumped some flour and mixed it up.  Now it looks more like a dough! I then prepared the last of the dough for baking!! My 2nd attempt went into the oven!  Then I proceeded to play Diablo 2 with Brian and Bo.  We had lots of fun and time passed by.  Wait, time passed by?!  OH CRAP MY COOKIES!  I ran out to the oven and pulled out the pan!  My cookies looked more like sorta like breadish.  Luckily they weren’t burnt…but they didn’t look like cookies.  Due to my forgetting the time, 1st horrible attempt and now this, I let the oven door slam shut.  BAM! All was dark throughout the apartment.  My roommates all came out of their rooms.  WTF?  What happened to the lights?!  Is it a blackout?! No…other apartments had light…just outs didn’t! Oh well, can’t do anything.  Time to go to sleep.  I believe this was the earliest all 5 of us went to sleep during our 2nd year at college.

Apparently the oven door slammed shut and blew a fuse just for our apartment.  My disaster of baking cookies turned out chocolate chip brittle and chocolate chip bread (?).  Since then I have not made any more chocolate chip cookies.


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