13 Jan

This is Jason posting.

Today I cooked for Shirley!  I made mac and cheese from scratch according to the recipe from pioneer woman.  The dish was very yummy.  What would have made it better is if I actually had 1 lb of cheese.  More cheese would have made the dish better.  We used one of those microwave steam bag of french beans for the vege dish.  For the meat dish I made this BBQ braised country style pork.  I line up the country style pork in a pan.  Then I seasoned the pork.  I added honey flavored BBQ sauce to cover the pork.  I also added some white wine to the mix.  Then I covered with foil and baked for 1 hour at 350 degrees.  It smelled yummy when it came out!  We took the juice and made a sauce with it.  Shirley was home so she added worcestershire sauce and some tomato paste.  That was the perfect sauce for the pork.  I have to admit, Shirley seasons food much better than I can.  The mac and cheese could have used a bit more salt and the pork was slightly bland.  In comes SuperLee to the rescue!  As long as I did not over-salt the dish my lovely wifey can save the dish! Ha!


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