our neighbors.

16 Jan

jason and i live on the second floor of a building in a condominium complex.

let me introduce our neighbors.

above us we have the vampire rock band.  they moved in maybe a month ago.  constant horrible piano playing.  drumming.  cultish chanting.  in the middle of the freaking night.  previously, this unit was occupied by people who smoked in the middle of the night on their balcony and talked super loud.  and watched sports and whooped and hollered when their team did well.

below us, we have door slammers, who moved in a few days ago.  the people who lived here before had a 5 year old kid who cried.  and cried.  and cried.

behind us, we have a guy who snores so loud that sometimes i wake up in the middle of night.  is it jason snoring?  no.  is it lando snoring?  no.  it’s the guy behind us.  omg.  and yes, lando snores.

and this is why i’m going to buy a house, not a condo.  i need my neighbors to be faaaar away from my walls.  yup.


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