it’s a rainy thursday

21 Jan

This is Jason posting.

It has been basically raining all week.  Today’s rain though, wow!  It came down in sheets that blew and blew!  Lots of rain!  There was so much that the driveway of our complex got flooded!  It wasn’t so bad in the morning but when I got back from lunch it was really high.  I almost thought it would stall my engine!  Crazy!  And super windy!! Now at night there is thunder and lightning.  Poor wifey, she doesn’t like the T&L.

We went to Vons to pick up some food after work.  They couldn’t take credit cards!  The machines broke!  Super lines!  People had to park their cart and go to the bank!  Luckily we had cash on hand.  We just bought some bread, soup and mucho pasta that was on sale.  The wifey hearts the mini-farfalle from barilla.

On a separate note.  Our new neighbors downstairs have their tv mounted to the wall.  They also have this spiffy looking sound system set up with the tv.  They really like the bass up high cause we kept hearing these booming sounds after 10pm today.  Yup, they were watching a movie.  We have vampire rock band upstairs (who turns out to be african american) and loud tv movie watchers downstairs. Whee?


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