Atman Pressurized Canister Filter CF-2400

23 Jan

This is Jason posting.

We are in Torrance this weekend.  Today we helped Philip set up his new canister filter he got from China.  Its huge and has a flow rate higher than he needs.  It’s the Atman Pressurized canister filter model CF-2400.  So Philip got it all set up.  He filled the canister with water and put in the tubes into the tank.  He plugged it in…and nothing happened.  WTF? What’s going on?  We don’t know cause none of us can read the chinese manual.  Oh wait! There’s some pictures! Fill the in tube with water? Ok!  And…nothing happens.  So the wifey and Philip goes to the forums.  OH! the canister needs to be empty! Ok! So we empty the canister (lots of water!) and set up everything again.  We start the siphon.  We plug the canister in.  NOTHING HAPPENS!  After 6 attempts we gave up.  Let me tell you, emptying the canister of water is not a fun thing to do.  We had a spill we cleaned up. Ugh!  We took another look at the pump and realized that the fan doesn’t turn when we plug it in! WTF! ARGHS! It’s not working! The 2nd Atman canister doesn’t work either! After lots of work and frustation we finally realized that the Atman canister doesn’t work in America because it needs 220 V!!! Cause it came from CHINA! NO!!!! All this wasted effort because America household plugs are 110 V.  Dang!  OH well, now we wait for a step up transformer.  We shall see if it works…


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