27 Jan

This is Jason posting.

Today I got a haircut.  Finally!  My last haircut was back in October before Alan’s wedding.  WOW!  My hair was sooo long.  I didn’t mind it so much but I didn’t like how my hair was starting to cover my ears.  Plus I had to look good for my interview on Monday at 2pm!  Woot!  This will be the interview for the SDUSD internship.  Man! Ok, this isn’t about that.

Back to the haircut.  The wifey and I found a decent haircut place in Linda Vista called Foxy Hair…something.  Anyway, I go there at around 10:10am.  There wasn’t anyone there.  I walked in and asked for a haircut.  I was introduced to the woman sitting in the waiting area reading a magazine.  She wasn’t Asian yet she worked at this Vietnamese haircut place.  Hm.  So I told her I wanted my hair short on the sides, back and leave an inch of hair on top.  I told her I wanted a fo-hawk type deal on top.  So she cut.  We had some conversations…but they never really finished.  She’s start a sentence or topic…then stop midway through.  I was like…ok.   I’ll just let her concentrate on my haircut.  Wow, she is still cutting?  I can’t really see my hair since I’m pretty much blind without my glasses…but that blackness on top of my head is shrinking!  Finally I’m done!  I wore my glasses and took a look.  You know those marine haircuts on tv?  I totally look like that right now!  It’s so short!  It’s a little too short..but whatever.  I paid and left.

The wifey now calls me ugly head!  Doh!  At least my hair grows out fast!  dahh….I do not like getting haircuts.  I think it’s mostly I don’t know how I want my hair to look.  But now…I think next time I’d like to keep my hair long and have it parted to the side.  It looked good that way as my hair grew out before.  Maybe that’s the hair style for me!


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