Super Mario Bros Wii!

31 Jan

This is Jason posting.

We have finally beat Super Mario Bros Wii!!! It took many many many tries.  Man, that Browser level really sucked.  I kept dying at the same spot.  Shirley kept to her bubble as I tried to show some super skills.  World 8 definitely had some crazy levels.  The level with the roller coast skeleton dragon was pretty neat even though it took several tries to beat.  I really enjoyed the game.  It was challenging and fun to play with Shirley.  More than 1 player definitely made the game harder because it is hard to coordinate the motions of everyone.  I really like the new ice suit.  Extinguishing fire balls FTW!  Those levels that are dark were annoying!  Very fun game!  I look forward to unlocking world 9 levels.  Let me tell you, those short guide movies in World 1.  WOW!  Is that really someone doing those things or is that computer generated?  CRAZY!  Yes, very crazy… but fun!


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