2 Feb

This is Jason posting.

I had my interview for the san diego unified school district internship position on Monday in the afternoon!  I think it went.  The wifey and I practiced some interview questions the night before.  The wifey asked questions concerning teaching and how I would deal with issues like unmotivated student and such.  This was especially good because the actual interview was basically what the wifey and I talked about!  Two nice ladies asked me a bunch of questions about teaching and how I would react to such and such situations.  They wanted to see how I would deal with problem students, how I would deal with conflict with the administration and how I would deal with my own issues with teaching.  They asked questions about teacher burn-out, teaching students you dislike and potential mistakes that I can make in teaching.  I felt that I answered all the questions decently.  We had a good time at the interview and I felt that the two ladies liked me.  So we will see!  I am suppose to get a letter in the mail next Friday on whether or not I quality for an interview contract.  Apparently the district has not figured out how many internship positions to offer due to the financial issues.  I would be “qualified” for a contract in august, september or october.  Also!  I have to interview one more time at the specific school for the internship position.  More work but one step closer!  Whee!


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