silly dreams.

3 Feb

when i was little i used to cut pictures out of magazines and catalogs.   i would glue them to pieces of paper and put them in sheet protectors and add them to my binder.

this is how my house will look when i grow up.  this is the bed i want.  and this desk.  and this sofa.  and these plates.

i was so silly.

but the other day i thought of this as i was flipping through my c&b catalog, because i wanted to start making inspiration boards of how we want our house to look, be decorated, etc when we finally buy a place.  i waiver between silly things, like i want either bamboo or white washed floorboards, but carpet is nice too, and you shouldn’t have wood flooring in the bathroom, but i hate the coldness of tiles.  i’ve always wanted white cabinets in the kitchen, but i hate dark countertops.  can you have white cabinets and pale countertops, or would that just be silly?   i love the modern sleek look, but i also love comfy and cottage-y.  and i love the look of dark wood, which explains almost every piece of furniture that jason and i own.  i love plants, so we have to get natural light in whatever place we buy. and we want a garage, and a patio/balcony that gets good sunlight so lando can sun himself.

so many things to consider!  so many things to think about! but it’s exciting, isn’t it?  🙂


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