4 Feb

This is Jason posting.

I noticed the other day that one of my tires had a leak.  Ok!  Time to put on the spare and get some new tires!  The last time I got new tires was back in 10/2006 (Yokohama YK520 215/60R15).  Yeah, it’s due time.  I set myself to put on the spare after I dropped off the wifey to work.  I lifted up the board in my trunk and took a look at the spare tire.  Huh, there is whitish gray color on the tire.  Did I leave the tire so dirty last time?  When was the last time I used this spare?  (I’ve had my car for 8 1/2 years.)  Oh well!  I took out the tools and the spare.  Oh yes!  There is a pair of gloves, thanks dad!  I jack up the car.  Wow, that deflated tire has been totally squished by the car during the night.  Good thing I am replacing it!  I unscrew the lug nuts.  Move out the dead tire.  I put my spare on there, screw on the nuts nice and tight.  Time to lower the car!  I am lowering the car, lower, lower…urm…the spare tire isn’t holding up the car… it’s going lower… omg I think my spare tire is flat! DOH!  Oh well!  At least it doesn’t have a leak like the dead tire.  Ok, I finish lowering the car and put the dead tire in the trunk.  Well, it’s a slight improvement compared to the dead tire.  I drive very carefully and slowly to the nearest gas station to inflate my spare.  Crisis averted!

I went to the Discount Tires down at Convoy street for new tires.  I decided to go with some cheaper tires (Kumho Solus 205/60R15 for $73/tire) since I wasn’t planning to drive the car like I used to when I was commuting to Irvine for work.  These new tires work well and should last long enough until the wifey and I can afford a new car!  I would like to drive the new Prius hybrids from toyota…  I would really love to not gas up as much as I do now.  That’s my adventure today!


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