10 Feb

so bummed that bi-rite creamery will be closed during our sf trip.  so sad!

i was totally looking forward to that.  jason and i are taking a secret vacation at the end of february.  well, i guess not so secret now that i’m blurting it out to the whole interweb, but since only like 3 people (including myself and jason) actually read this blog i figure that i’m safe.  i’m swearing you to secrecy, stella!

anyways.  jace and i go to norcal pretty regularly, since all his friends get married there.  but those weekends tend to be hectic, with the driving and the weddings and seeing lots of people and not really being able to accomplish much of the touristy stuff.

so!  we’re taking a 3 day weekend to go to sf.  we’re bringing lando.  we’re going to see the king tut exhibit at the de young museum.  we’re going to eat croissants from tartine’s.  we’re going to go to napa and stock up on v sattui wine.  we’re going to munch on yummy macarons at paulette’s.  we’re going to sample hog island oysters.  we’re going to eat ice cream at bi-rite creamery. we’re going to the ferry building farmer’s market.  we’re going to track down the creme brulee cart.  we’re going to go shopping at cb2.  (yes, this is a pretty silly thing to include but we’re going to do it!)

i’m calling this a secret trip because we’re not visiting relatives and friends.  we’re just going to do random stuff in the city, relax, eat yummy things, and not think about work.  🙂


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