more pet peeves.

12 Feb

so i guess i’m just very irritable lately due to high amounts of work and little amounts of sleep.  but i’m finding more and more things that irritate me.

1.  i can’t stand people who speak in cliches.  it’s one thing it you say something cliche every once in a while, but there’s this guy at my work who has entire conversations in cliche while he’s LOUD and ALWAYS ON SPEAKERPHONE.  maybe it’s the loud and speakerphone part that makes it extremely irritable, but if i hear him say “well usually we see eye to eye but the buck stops here. in this case the glass is half empty so we’ll jump that fence when we get to it.”  the other day he said LOOSEY GOOSEY.  omg who actually says that??  rawr!

2.  when writing a work related email:  if you can’t spell, use spell check.  if you don’t know how to use punctuation marks correctly, use grammar check.  but if you can’t/refuse to write complete sentences, i don’t know how to help you.  STOP SENDING ME EMAILS THAT DON’T MAKE SENSE.  it means that i have to spend the time to figure out wth you’re asking or call you, email you back with an email full of question marks.  just write complete sentences, ok?  just do it.


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