I am now eligible!

16 Feb

This is Jason posting.

I received my letter from SDUSD last Friday!  I am now eligible to receive an internship position with SDUSD!  Woot!!!  One step closer to that teacher credential!  So what now?  I will begin night and weekend classes in April.  I will have to do another interview in August, September or October at a school where there is an internship position open.  I don’t know how many internship positions there are because SDUSD still has not decided on this.  It’ll depend on how much money they will have and what they need for 2010-2011 school year.  The best would be some school needs a science teacher closer to Rancho Bernardo so I don’t have to commute too far.  Apparently SDUSD stretches as far as Del Mar and Scripps Ranch.  I need to make an appointment to go over hiring requirements and other junk.  Then I’ll ask some questions…and find out the class schedule.  Hopefully I will be able to go on a family vacation during Memorial weekend. =D Who knows!  I’m just excited that I got accepted in!  Whee!


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