a short list.

20 Feb

things that i never thought i would like but now i can’t get enough of.

1.  sashimi.  i can’t believe i ever thought that raw fish was gross.  i now lament the first 18 years of my life where i totally missed out on the yummiest food ever.

2.  lime.  in pretty much everything.  i always thought that lime was sooo sour, but i guess one day i woke up and decided that it’s not.  now i keep a stash of lime in my kitchen and use it to perk up stuff.  i add lime to my water.  that’s sort of normal, right?  but i also add lime to things like pancake batter, rice, mexican food, and basically any alcoholic drink, except wine.  and i normally don’t like citrus in my food.  but lime is different!  i don’t know why.

3.  special k cereal.  any cereal that is marketed as a “diet” cereal usually tastes like cardboard box.  and i don’t know how many complaints i’ve heard that special k original is not so yummy.  so i’ve always stayed away from it.  one day they were handing out samples of special k blueberry at ralphs, of all places.  so i ate the sample.  and now i basically eat it for breakfast, EVERYDAY.  SO GOOD.

4.  peace and quiet.  not that peace and quiet hasn’t always been great, but recently i’ve found myself really really enjoying it.  maybe because it’s always so loud at work… often times i come home and love just sitting quietly and reading or flipping through a magazine.  and going SHHHHHH at jason and lando.


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