beware of public bathrooms.

24 Feb

because they are usually gross and filled with germs!!!

ok so, i really really hate using public bathrooms.  i mean, i barely want to share my own bathroom at home, and i have to because we only have one bathroom.  sorry honey!  i still love you!

sometimes, you have no choice.  in those instances, i just make the best of it.  and sometimes, it’s just not a big deal.  for example in our office building the public bathrooms are actually nice, all stainless steel and tiled beautifully.  they also get cleaned like 3 times a day, which is awesome.

but i do have to complain about auto flushing toilets.  i HATE auto flushing toilets.  i hate that sometimes when i put down the toilet seat cover it just FLUSHES AWAY.  then i have to do it again.  and sometimes if you move around it flushes too!  grr!!  how is it that as a society we have to have flushing toilets??  how is this a good idea? what, we’re too dumb or inconsiderate to flush our own toilets?  anyways, weird to me.


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