Family History

27 Feb

This is Jason posting.

The wifey and I love to have car conversations.  Long car rides are always filled with interesting topics that we discuss.  One of the recent ones was about family history.  The wifey has such a rich family history from both her mother’s side and her father’s side.  The wifey knows more about her mother’s than her dad’s.  Still, her family history is filled with so much exciting history.  A lot of things happened!  Her family history is like reading books like the kitchen God’s wife or Joy luck club.  Something like that.  That got me thinking and talking about my family history.  Mine really cannot compare to hers.  My family doesn’t really talk about the past very much.  Well, I never really asked about our history.  I know bits and pieces.  This is all from my dad’s side since I know nothing about my mother’s side of things due to the divorce when I was 5ish.  I think my grandfather was a soldier during WW2.  Later on he became a policeman when they lived in Taiwan.  They moved to Taiwan due to a relative in the government there.  My dad’s family lived in the countryside.  I learned my grandparents had an arranged marriage in college via my younger brother.  I always thought their separate beds were just how they slept back then.  Yeah, I don’t know much!  Apparently I have relatives in El Paso, Texas who used to own a shoe store.  My family came from Henan province in China.  There are lots of relatives there!  My wifey tells me that my ancestors were probably horse nomads who were mostly Islamic.  History… wow.  Personal histories make such interesting stories.  I love it.  I hope that my children will find our family history interesting.  =D


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