Roli Roti!

27 Feb

This is Jason posting.

For breakfast this morning we had a yummy juicy porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti!  WOW!  We went to the farmer’s market and we walked around.  At first I smelled something yummy, like pork or chicken cooking.  Then we rounded the corner of stands and I saw this amazing sight.  It was a truck that had four rotisseries going!  There were two things of chicken cooking and on the other side was a bunch of porchetta roasting!!! OMG!  It smelled soo good!  I ended up getting a porchetta sandwich which cost $8.50.  They sliced some porchetta.  Then they took the bread and split it.  They smeared the board with the flat side of the bread to soak up all the fatty juices.  <drool>  They laid the whole pieces of meat.  The crackling and bits they chopped a bit then they piled it on top of the whole pieces.  On top of that they put carmelized onions, some baby greens and lavender (?) sea salt.  I split half with the wifey.  Oh it was so moist and yummy.  The added crunch of the crackling was delicious!  YUM!!! Best sandwich I ever got at a farmer’s market.


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