Eyes can’t stay open!

28 Feb

This is Jason posting.

We decided to take Lando on a little vacation with us this past weekend.  The wifey really wanted to have Lando travel with us.  We stayed at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco.  Hotel Triton belongs to this group called the Kimpton Hotels which generally allows dogs.  Lando was super excited to join us!  At first he was super confused on the car ride.  Once we got to SF, he was going crazy!!!  So many new things for him to smell and investigate!  He loved it!  He behaved super well at the hotel and in the car.  We also took him with us when we went to Napa.  Lando was so excited that I think he forgot to eat!  We tried to feed him but he ignored the food.  Lando also didn’t get a lot of rest.  He tried his best to stay awake in order to take everything in.  We would be scratching him and he would be doing the sleep nodding.  It was really cute.  =D  It’s so funny that he would try to stay awake when his doggie body was sooo tired.  Finally we are at home!  He chomped down on his food then had a nice walk around the area.  After that, off he went to our bed to sleep!  He’ll probably be sleeping like that for the next couple of days!


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