4 Mar

arugula is so yummy.  and cheap at trader joes.  you can buy a 7 ounce bag for $2!  it’s peppery and fresh.  arugula is one of those things that i randomly fall in love with and crave and then eat lots of it.  but i never know what else i can eat it in except salad!  luckily jason and i love salad. 🙂  it’s super delicious mixed with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and especially yummy with some fresh mozzarella and prosciutto.  i wonder how it would taste in a caprese salad??

anyways, so lately one of my favorite websites to look at when i’m trying to decide what to make for dinner is  it’s so cool.  you just pop in whatever you’re gonna make/craving and it’ll pop out beautiful pictures of dishes and the recipes for them!

i popped in arugula and there’s lots and lots of different salad/sandwiches!  so pretty and yummy.

best website ever. 🙂


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