bella, the crazy dog.

7 Mar

bella is my mom’s/brother’s pomeranian.  she is adorable, but crazy.  she is also a big bully.  she just knocks lando out of the way when he’s somewhere she wants to be.  she also doesn’t know her name.  she comes running whenever someone calls out anything with a “l” sound.  for example.  she responds to lando.  and umbrella.  and cowbell.  and milk.  and frell.  and other random things.

also she is very obedient.  when you say sit, she immediately thumps her butt down and sits.  when she wants to go out, she sits.  when she wants something to eat, she sits.  when she wants you to pick her up, she sits.  unfortunately, she doesn’t know anything else but sit.  nothing else stuck.  oh she also knows “go to your room” which makes her run to her bed and lay down quietly.  so cute!

i love her.  and i want to steal her.  but not really.  she’s a handful. 🙂


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