9 Mar

This is Jason posting.

Spam is sooo good!  I love it when the wifey makes me spam fried rice.  Curry flavored or satay flavored.  Both are definitely delicious!  Spam can be used in many cooking applications!  It’s a great ingredient.  I started to eat spam more regularly after I got to college, go figure right?  It’s a cheap alternative to beef or pork.  Chicken is still cheaper but chicken is chicken.  Spam is … spam.  You can’t compare it to anything else.  I think we had spam before when I was younger once or twice but the adults stopped buying them because they read in the chinese newspaper how it’s super chemically processed so that means spam will be bad for us.  Unfortunately the adults all believe in the chinese newspaper without question so spam no longer was in the household.  The same thing happened to hot dogs.  So sad.  This chinese newspaper thing is so ridiculous sometimes.  Once my dad was telling me that some dude in japan had found a way to reprocess poop into edible food.  He showed me this picture of a meatloaf.    Ugh.

Anyway!!! Spam is yummy!  Spam musubi!  Spam, eggs and rice!  Spam loco!  Spam by itself!  Spam ramen!  Pan fried slices of spam!  Spam fried rice!  YUM!


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