deja vu

11 Mar

did i write about this already?  or did i just imagine that i did… since seems to be a topic that often irritates me.  i can’t help myself.

i can’t believe how many people in this world can’t spell or use grammar correctly.  i mean fine, some might just be dependent on spell check and grammar check, but seriously.  SERIOUSLY.  i can’t tell you how many times in a day i just want to slap someone silly for not being able to spell or use punctuation marks.  and sometimes when i find spelling mistakes on articles in CNN i’m just like, wtf, you’re PAID to write, LEARN TO SPELL.  and/or type.

i think that before you can graduate from elementary school you should know the difference between YOU’RE and YOUR.  and THERE and THEIR and THEY’RE.  jason still uses your and you’re wrong sometimes and i have to remind myself that i LOVE him and that he is a fob.  but it’s still not okay.

why can’t people just make some effort and learn how to spell????????

end rant??  for today at least. 🙂


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