Ceiling light waterfall

14 Mar

This is Jason posting.

For some reason I was remembering a very funny moment around the beginnings of my relationship with the wifey.  I was studying with the wifey and Cat in the dining room area.  This was during the night.  We all had books out plus a bowl or two of study snacks to keep us energized!  We buckled down to study hard!  Rawr!  Time passes.  Then all of a sudden I notice a drop of water on the table.  I was like, “huh?”  Then another drip.  I looked up at the dining room ceiling light.  Huh, there is water running down the lamp.  At this time all 3 of us were looking up.  We decided to move the books away because none of us wanted our things to get wet.  We moved quickly as the water started to come down harder.  Then all of a sudden the water started to gush downwards!!!  We had our very own waterfall coming from the ceiling light!  OMG!!!  We quickly swiped away the rest of our stuff from the table.  We rushed into the kitchen to get some pots and soaking material.  Man!  We heard frantic noises from upstairs so I think the wifey went upstairs to check.  Or was it Cat?  1 of the girls went upstairs.  Soon the water stopped gushing and slowly to a trickle.  By then, the dining table was wet and the carpet underneath was soaked.  All of the pots we had put out were full.  Craziness!

Turned out that someone upstairs had gone to the bathroom to use the toilet.  She flushed.  The toilet filled up and kept on filling.  Water soon spilled over the toilet bowl.  The person in the toilet panicked and tried to mop up the overflowing water.  She grabbed some towels.  It didn’t work.  That was when the water started gushing down the ceiling light like niagara falls.  Cat/wifey went upstairs and turned off the water to the toilet.  The landlord fixed up the problem the next day.

Lesson for the day:  Teach your kids how to turn off the water to the toilet/sink area.  What a night!


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