how rude.

15 Mar

next to me at work sit the k girls.  they deal with warranty claims from third party service providers like best buy or mom&pop’s tv repair, etc.

their boss, aka cliche guy, is THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON ever.  seriously.  i think three times a day on a daily basis, i just want to slap him.  slap slap slap!  he is rude and inconsiderate of his employees and “works” from home like half the week.  and then when he actually comes in, he’s only here about 6 hours of the day and on the phone most of the time.

he also super micro-manages the k girls for no good reason.  when he tells them stuff he just like keeps talking over them when they try to respond and explain.  way to be a great manager, annoyingator!

totally can’t believe this guy.  rawr.

on a random note, we’re watching pawn stars on history channel for no good reason whatsoever, but it’s the source of the best quote that i’ve heard in a while. this little old man is hilarious. “when you get to be 4 years older than dirt, you can’t do digging ditches so you got to sell guns.”  and here’s another one.  “$1500 is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.”


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