my husband is silly.

18 Mar

today jason was trying to say janet and stella and said “jella” instead.  he does stuff like this all the time and it’s great entertainment! yes, i married him for entertainment.

one thing he used to do all the time is mispronounce mince.  he would say my-nce.  so when we’re talking, sometimes i’ll randomly say to him “what do you do to garlic?” just to see how he would respond.  you have now been let in on one of our inside jokes.  (he also mispronounces wince, but that’s the same.)

also did you know that jason and i have a secret handshake?  i used to make him practice it with me but now i can’t remember the whole thing.  i’ll have to think up a new one! 🙂

ok jason, no snoring tonight!  or i will bite you!  rawr!


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