Fukada in Irvine

19 Mar

This is Jason posting.

Tonight we decided to eat at Fukada in Irvine.  The wifey wanted something “yummers”.  It’s a Japanese restaurant.  The place is decent size though the waiters were not very efficient in moving the tables.  After almost half a hour wait we sat down to order.  The wifey ordered a seafood salad combo with the tentoji don.  The tentoji don is a shrimp tempura with egg over rice.  I ordered the hot udon combo with sansai and the spicy tuna don.  Sansai is a combination of various mountain vegetables.  We also had the agedashi tofu for appetizers.  Overall the food was good but wasn’t quite “yummers”.  The salad contained very tender seared tuna and salmon pieces yet there wasn’t enough greens for all the fish.  The spicy tuna wasn’t spicy enough.  We both liked our own version of the spicy tuna much better.  The tofu was pretty yummy.  The udon was just broth and sansai.  The meal was light and felt very healthy to me.  I finished everything and wasn’t bloated feeling.  I was just a little over satisfied.  The wifey took home half her rice bowl.  It was an interesting restaurant to try on the date that we started dating 6 years ago.  Wow, it’s been 6 years since we starting our relationship!  Amazing!


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