oh no!!

25 Mar

we forgot to post yesterday!!  how lame of us.  o_O

i guess i will write about something interesting then.

we’re 3 months into 2010 (and it’s almost april)!  time is moving by so fast!  i haven’t even blogged about my resolutions for this year and my progress on them.

one of my resolutions for 2010 is to be less wasteful.  as you probably know, i LOVE using ziploc bags for everything and never thought twice about tossing at least one out on a daily basis.  recently ziploc introduced a less wasteful ziploc bag, which made me reconsider how many ziploc bags i actually use.  i targeted a few areas in which i was using ziploc bags instead of tupperware (which could be reused for quite a while).  so instead of bringing my food (cereal, snacks, fruit, etc) in a ziploc bag to work, i have been bringing it in a tupperware or i bring the box/bag to work and portion it at work.  when i DO use a ziploc bag, i try to reuse it a few times before i throw it away.

also, instead of using disposable plastic-ware/chopsticks, i keep a set of mismatched silverware at work, and i have cups for tea/coffee, etc.  while waiting for my shower water to get hot, jace and i have been filling up jugs of water that we use to water our plants.  we’ve put a brick in our toilet to help reduce the water usage there.  we’re gone paperless for most of our bills.  hrm…. what else can we do to be less wasteful??


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