the case of the missing arugula!

27 Mar

This is Jason posting.

I have been trying to find arugula at trader joe’s.  We bought some last week and made some pizza and sandwiches with them!  Yum!!! Alas, arugula has not been at trader joe’s at all this week.  I went in each day of the week and tried to find some.  NONE there!  Gosh!  Apparently tj’s suppliers have not been giving them arugula.  Something is going wacko with the crop!!!  (sigh).  At our visit to whole foods today we noticed they had arugula!  But it was more expensive and you get less arugula compared to trader joe’s!  Not worth it!  Plus the arugula did not look fresh and yummy.  (double sigh)  I hope those suppliers give some arugula to trader joe’s soon!  We need to have some super yummy sandwiches with them!


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