time traveler’s wife

28 Mar

so i just finished watching the time traveler’s wife.  i love love love this book.  and i love love love eric bana.  and i love love love rachel mcadams.  but i did not love love love the movie.

i think i just had unrealistic expectations that they could adapt this incredible book into an incredible movie.  don’t get me wrong, i thought the movie did the best they could simplifying/adapting a ridiculously complicated story into a manageable 2 hour plot.  but, there just wasn’t enough time to truly tell the story.  the characters couldn’t develop properly, stuff doesn’t quite get explained 100%, other things were just rushed or left out, which is of course a bummer because the entire book was so awesome.  so as usual with book->movie adaptations, the book was just so much better.  and sad.  and interesting.  read it!

and oddly i really want to eat oi-sobaegi (which has nothing to do with the time traveler’s wife whatsoever).  i found some recipes online and i’ve decided that i’m going to make it since i can’t seem to find a good version at the san diego korean markets.  yum!!  wish me luck. 🙂


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