The Blind Side

30 Mar

This is Jason posting.

The wifey and I watched “The Blind Side” during our anniversary.  We were both curious to see Sandra Bullock’s performance since she won several awards as best actress for her role in the movie.  The movie was just a tad slow.  We both enjoyed the movie.  It was definitely inspiring and heartwarming.  It does make one think when confronted with the not so nice parts of life.  So many people are not as fortunate as they should be.  We loved the humor and I enjoyed all the tackling scenes.  I loved that part when Michael Oher said, “(I’m taking him) To the bus.  It’s time for him to go home.”  Haha!  The wifey and I both didn’t think Sandra Bullock was extraordinary in her role.  She did a great job as Leigh Ann.  But… we didn’t see the awesomeness as the awards seemed to say.  Perhaps Sandra was just that much better compared to the rest of her opponents.  Overall, it was definitely a movie you should see.

For a pretty good summary of the movie, check out this link!


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