2 Apr

i’m cursed.  whenever i fall in love with a product and use it exclusively, the manufacturer decides to discontinue it or change the formula.  this has happened to 2 soaps, 3 lotions, a facial moisturizer, and at least 4 different shampoos.

this also happened to me once with food.  i LOVED the rosemary potato pizza from cpk.  i never ordered anything else and i would crave this pizza.  and then, a few years ago they stopped making it.  it was the saddest cpk day ever.  i boycotted that place for the longest time… and even now when i go i never know what to get.  roasted garlic chicken? goat cheese & roasted peppers?  nothing compared with the rosemary potato.

but look!!  i found a recipe for rosemary and potato pizza!  i’m SOOOOO making this.



One Response to “discontinued.”


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    […] i’m really doomed when it comes to the
    “everything i love gets discontinued.” 
    add to the already extensive list… my grapeseed lip
    butter from the body shop, two […]

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