3 Apr

the mitsuwa in san diego sucks.  it’s so small and unexciting.

but i love visiting costa mesa or torrance mitsuwa!  i ESPECIALLY love walking around the food court and looking at all the plastic displays of food.  it’s fun and exciting!!  (i never said i wasn’t a dork. 🙂

and the food is pretty nom nom for food court standards.  i love looking at all the little booths and deciding where and what to eat!  there’s…. nabeyaki udon.  or ramen (yum!), or katsudonburi or oyako-don.  and w00t!  there’s curry katsu!!

seriously curry katsu with rice cures what ails ya!  it’s my go-to whenever i’m feeling headache-y or sick.  it always makes me feel better.  🙂


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