4 Apr

today there was an earthquake in baja california.

and we felt it all the way in torrance!

my dad, jason, and my brother ran to hold on to my brother’s massive fish tanks which have taken over my parents’ house/living room.  the water was swaying back and forth and they wanted to make sure they didn’t fall over or anything, not that they could do much if it started falling.  i ran to make sure lando and bella were ok and chastise them for not giving us any warning.  (aren’t animals supposed to be more sensitive to these types of things??  anyways they weren’t freaking out or anything which was good.)

my mom ran to the front door, ready to run out of the house.  🙂

it was the longest earthquake ever.  it kept going and going and going.

for dinner jason and i baked our annual easter ham and we also had asparagus and potato salad and croissants and some ribeye steak.  it was yummy!

happy easter!


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