Meta Cognitive Practioner

6 Apr

This is Jason posting.

Yesterday night I had my first class for my SDUSD internship!  The class is about meta cognition!  Our professor is a Dr. Joe Davis who has been with SDUSD for many years.  He also has a private office and does guest lecturing at the nearby universities!  I think I had him as a guest lecturer in my neurobiology class at ucsd.  Anyway!   He has a virginian accent!  We had discussions about “thinking”.  We had ice breaker questions like who taught you to think?  Do you take thinking for granted?  What effects thinking?  One of the important points last night was that we need to understand our way of thinking because as teachers our thinking will be passed on to our students.  He also asked some interesting questions like which of our senses do we use to learn?  How will we teach our students if we took away the visual sense?  It was very interesting to me.  I was wide awake the whole time!  I am quite excited!

There was 16 of us there for the class last night though it was suppose to be 18 people.  There were about 7 single subject people with 4 out of the 7 being science.  I know for sure there are 3 biology teachers (including me!).  There will be some competition as august rolls around.  The program manager told us that they usually send 5 people to interview for a position at a school.  Apparently we are scored via the course teachers, co-opt teachers (student teaching) and our support provider.  So I have to keep impressing people to get a high score!  I’ve definitely got a challenge ahead of me.  Time to buckle down and work hard so I can be ready for that science position come august.  Yeah, praise the lord!


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