cold-brewed coffee

8 Apr

i made cold brewed coffee the other day.  basically you mix 1 1/2 cups of water with 1/3 cup ground coffee and let it sit for like 12 hours.  then you strain it, dilute it (i added soy milk and some ice), and drink it.  i’ve been wanting to make it for like, 8 months or something.

i was soooo disappointed when i finally drank it.  i thought it was going to be like magic or something.  it just tasted like… cold/smooth not as bitter coffee.  why would i go through all this effort (12 hours for a cup of coffee??) for something that didn’t taste absolutely amazing?  but i’m also crazy.  i like the bitterness of coffee.  and it didn’t have that wonderful brewed coffee smell.

i DO like iced coffee though when the weather is hot.  i’ve also read that you’re not supposed to drink cooled down coffee because of the crystallization, so this is a much better alternative.  i’ll probably make it during the summer when it’s too hot for hot coffee.


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