Steamed Clams!

9 Apr

This is Jason posting.

Today we made steamed clams by following this recipe from this link!(  I scouted out Sprouts and Henry’s to see who had clams for purchase.  Sprouts did not sell any.  Henry’s on the other hand had a sale going on for littleneck clams for $2.99/lb.  We both remembered clams for purchase at  Costco during the weekends.  So after work today we went to costco to see if they sold any clams!  Costco sells fresh manila clams for $3.99/lb.  Unfortunately they only sell them in this big bag that is around 5 lbs each!  We debated about the clams and ended up buying them.  We figured we’d probably eat all 5 lbs since there  is so little meat to each clam.  And most of the weight is the shell.  Plus the recipe calls for 2 lbs of clams each time.  We picked up their roasted garlic bread and a bottle of white wine (Cuvaison Chardonnay).  We got home and started to cook!  Apparently the manila clams from costco comes from Canada.  How exciting!  Manila clams are suppose to have a long shelf life.  Out of the entire bag (4.42 lbs) were two bad clams.  They didn’t close when I touched them.  Well, 1 had a broken shell so that was thrown out.  We rinsed and soaked the clams for a bit while I minced garlic and parsley.  It does not take very long to steam the clams!  I also prepared some pasta with the leftover tomato sauce to go with the meal.  We both enjoyed the clams very much!  The bread was very yummy when I dipped in into the clam broth.  It does take a little bit of work to suck and clean each shell but it was a pretty fun fancy meal.  Yum!

Why did we decide to make steamed clams by the way?  It’s because the wifey read the recipe from one of her blogs and couldn’t get the thought of them out of her head.  Once she has a craving… I gotta satisfy it!  =D

Best quote of the day, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry we’re going to eat you! Good thing they don’t have faces!” said the wifey to the clams!


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