The Deadliest Catch

11 Apr

This is Jason posting.

Have you ever seen an episode of the Deadliest Catch that’s on Discovery channel?  It’s about crab fishing.  They follow several boats as they go out to catch those delicious crabs that we see in the supermarkets all the time.  Man, it is definitely an eye opener.  They have to do all these crazy things in super crazy weather just so we can eat crab whenever we want.  Shoot.  It’s crazy to see what these fishermen have to put up with.  Then again, it could be that they just film the worst of what they go through.  Then again, it could be that what they show is what they go through every time they go out there.  Tonight we saw some scenes from the 5th season.  They had some fishermen put up a tarp to cover up their crab pots so the cages don’t ice over.  They are struggling because they had 40 mile winds.  Or was it 60?  All of a sudden a wave comes up and washes over the fishermen.  Wow.  Nature wins by a long shot.  1 guy suffered bruises and contusions.  Another guy had a bruised cheekbone and a huge black eye.  The next guy, 3 broken ribs.  1 almost punctured his ribs.  Dang!  And the guy with the broken ribs?  He was walking over the boat the next day to show where he was when the wave hit.  Yeah, these fishermen…crazy stuff.  Ain’t for weaklings.  Definitely not.


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