12 Apr

i love my car.  she’s beautiful!  and has the best turning radius ever!

but i haven’t been driving her a lot because jason’s been dropping me off and picking me up from work most days.  i’ve been neglecting her!  the funny thing is that i always feel like i will forget how to drive whenever i haven’t driven in a while.  which i know won’t happen but still, i occasionally forget the little perks that come with driving a lexus.  this morning when i was driving to work, i forgot that i could adjust the volume/change channels on my radio using the steering wheel.  and that i could have used my seat warmers because it was so cold!

i also had to double-check twice that i had turned on my headlights because i forgot if i did it or not.  but that’s a different story.  that’s like me tugging at the car door and then saying HEY why isn’t it opening??  oh wait this is jason’s car… no automatic keyless entry. 🙂


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