13 Apr

sometimes my co-workers get into disagreements.  tiffs.  arguments.  shouting matches.  fight!!  okay that last one hasn’t happened yet but we’re all just waiting for punches to be thrown.

not very professional, and occasionally it becomes tense, which makes the workplace a hostile environment.  depending on how long these feuds go on, the rest of us have to be on alert and be very careful about what we say so that we don’t elicit additional outbursts.

what’s interesting is that these people have no idea how uncomfortable it makes the people around them.  what do we do?  what can we say?  they both complain to us about the other.  so do we continue to let them go on being stupid and rude and non-team building and drive the rest of us to insanity?

today one said to the other “what, did i piss in your cereal this morning?”



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