14 Apr

This is Jason posting.

Apparently after I got back from Easter, I received an e-mail from Blizzard saying they closed my account because they thought I did something illegal like selling gold.  I was like huh?  But I haven’t touched WoW in like 2 months.  O_O I quickly checked via Aeryn and found that yup, someone hacked my account.  They used Eadric and Deathburger to take all the stuff in our guild bank and 600g combined.  BOO!!!! So I used the e-mail support forum for Blizzard and let them know the facts.  They got back to me after a day and restored everything that was taken.  The hacker sold all my stuff on 3 of my characters as well as all the guild stuff.  I received all my equipment, honor points, gold and badges that were lost.  Every item and gold from the guild bank was also restore.  Thank goodness!  Ugh!  Horrible!  Stupid hackers!  I hope Blizzard closed as many accounts as they could find through my hacked day.  BOO!  I’m just thankful that Blizzard was able to restore everything.  I had thought they would just give me a care package with some gold and badges.  I did a virus scan with Trend Micro Housecall and it found a trojan. GRR!  So I bought one of them Blizzard authenticators and linked it to both mine and the wifey’s account.  Now they will not be hacked anymore! Muahaha!  Plus we get a core hound pup out of the deal!  Another pet for the wifey!


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