First day of school!

16 Apr

This is Jason posting.

So I did my first day of student teaching yesterday!  Well, more like teacher observation than teaching.  That will come later!  I went down to the school early in the morning to meet the cooperating teacher (CT) so I could meet the staff.  I went to a part of San Diego that I’ve never gone to.  Well, it isn’t that rare since I haven’t been to a good part of San Diego yet, it’s a huge county!  I guess this high school counts as an inner city school?  Or somewhat close to it.  Anyway, I met a bunch of people including the principle, the office ladies and the school counselor.  I observed all 3 of the classes that my CT had.  The school runs on a 4×4 schedule which means 4 classes per day on the block schedule.  It was pretty interesting!  I mean, I haven’t been back to a high school in so long!  It’s been…10 years at least.  The class with the freshmen… wow!  They are so little..most of them.  And super young!  Man, they’ve got some energy!  Course they got to dissect a sheep’s heart so that explains the extra energy they had.  Still, they are quite lively.  The other two classes had juniors and seniors so they were more settled down and mature.  Compared to the freshmen anyway.  It was good to walk around the class, help out where needed and just simply observe what the classroom setting is like.  It wasn’t scary.  It was definitely different from my memories of high school.  I realized as I left that I did not see one white kid in the classes that my CT teachers.  Very different from my high school.  It’s not a bad thing.  I think it’ll be a great experience.  It’s definitely a good thing.  I saw Latinos, Vietnamese and Somalians.  My CT told me that some of the kids spoke swahili.  Pretty neat!  It is big crazy mix of cultures.  I’m suppose to put in a min. of 25 hours at the school.  I’m thinking of doing the recommended 65 hours.  I’m also suppose to do at least 1 lesson plan for one my my CT’s classes.  I’ll post about that when it happens!  Til then… I have lots of learning and observing to do!


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